The Top 5 Steps to Securing a Division 1 Track and Field Scholarship

The Top 5 Steps to Securing a Division 1 Track and Field Scholarship

Landing a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship is no small feat. It requires not just athletic prowess, but also determination, persistence, and strategic planning. However, with the right approach and dedication, you can make your dream of competing at the highest collegiate level come true. In this post, we will guide you through the top five essential steps to securing a Division 1 Track and Field Scholarship


Earning a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship begins with a thorough understanding of what it demands. NCAA Division 1 sets the bar high for intercollegiate athletics, so be prepared to meet the most stringent standards.

To begin with, you must be on the verge of high school graduation or have already completed it. You must also align with the NCAA’s eligibility conditions. This includes maintaining a minimum GPA in core subjects, meeting the sliding scale of SAT or ACT scores, and completing a prescribed number of courses in certain subjects.

Bear in mind, your athletic prowess is only one aspect of what coaches are scouting for. They’re on the lookout for individuals who can balance the rigors of both academic and athletic pursuits. So, start early, familiarize yourself with these requirements, and map out your high school journey in a way that meets these criteria.

Remember, securing a scholarship at the Division 1 level is as much about intellectual development as it is about athletic growth. So, keep a steady focus on your academics while training hard on the track. Excellence, both in the classroom and on the field, will make you an appealing prospect for those coveted Division 1 scholarships


Getting ahead of the game is vital when it comes to the recruitment process for a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship. In the competitive world of collegiate sports, the early bird really does catch the worm. Ideally, this journey should start no later than your sophomore year of high school.

The first thing on your agenda should be to pinpoint the colleges that not only have a strong track and field program but also boast academic programs aligned with your educational aspirations. After all, an integral part of a student-athlete’s life is striking a balance between academics and athletics.

Capitalizing on opportunities to showcase your talent is key during this period. Consider attending summer sports camps that offer exposure to college coaches and recruiters. These camps can serve as an excellent platform to display your prowess on the track while also learning valuable skills that could come in handy once you get to college.

In addition, visiting campuses can give you a sense of the school’s environment, its student life, and more importantly, its athletic facilities. While on these visits, try to meet with coaches or team members to get a better understanding of what life as a track and field athlete at that college would look like.

In the world of recruitment, waiting to be discovered is not a luxury you can afford. Therefore, it’s crucial to take the initiative to reach out to potential coaches. This can be done via email, a formal letter, or even through a phone call. Expressing your interest in their program and showcasing your achievements can help put you on their radar, giving you a significant advantage in the recruitment process.

So remember, being an early bird in the recruitment process can open doors for you in securing a coveted Division 1 Track and Field scholarship. Starting early, being proactive, and showcasing your skills can significantly increase your chances of being noticed by the right people. It’s time to lace up those spikes, hit the track, and get started on your path to collegiate athletics.


Creating a robust portfolio is an indispensable part of your journey to securing a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship. This compilation of your accomplishments serves as a testament to your talents and hard work, effectively making it your personal brand. It should spotlight not only your athletic prowess but also your scholastic achievements.

Begin by compiling your athletic statistics regularly. This may include your personal bests in different events, any records you’ve broken, and medals or titles you’ve won at regional, state, or national competitions. Remember, this is the place to celebrate your victories and put forth your growth as an athlete.

Equally important are the laurels you’ve earned off the field. Document your academic journey by keeping track of your GPA, your SAT or ACT scores, and other significant achievements like being on the honor roll or winning an academic competition. Maintaining a record of these achievements will underscore your dedication to academic pursuits.

A video showcase of your skills can be a potent tool in your portfolio. As most coaches may not have the opportunity to watch you compete live, a professionally edited video displaying your prowess on the track can serve as a virtual introduction. Highlight your speed, strength, technique, and competitive spirit in this video. Remember to keep it concise and impactful, ensuring your skills shine through.

To ensure your portfolio stays relevant and continues to reflect your progress, make it a point to update it regularly. Whether it’s shaving off a few seconds on the track or acing an important exam, no achievement is too small to be added to your portfolio.

In a world where everyone is vying for attention, a strong and comprehensive portfolio can set you apart. It not only showcases your athletic and academic abilities but also reflects your growth, commitment, and dedication to excel in both arenas. Therefore, invest time in building this portfolio as it is instrumental in creating a lasting impression on your potential coaches


Putting yourself in the spotlight is a crucial part of securing a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship. Creating a strong online presence where you showcase your athletic and academic achievements can play a significant role in catching the eye of potential coaches.

Start by developing a professional online profile that features your statistics, videos of your performances, and testimonials from coaches or teammates. Highlight your strengths, dedication, and potential growth. Remember, this is your opportunity to share your story, so don’t shy away from detailing your journey as a student-athlete.

However, merely having an online profile isn’t enough. You need to take it a step further by reaching out to coaches directly. Sending personalized letters of interest to college coaches can be extremely beneficial. When writing these letters, express your interest in their program, share your aspirations, and discuss how you could be a valuable addition to their team.

Social media platforms can also be excellent tools for promotion. Utilize platforms like x, Instagram, and YouTube to showcase your skills and performances. Regular updates on your progress, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your training, and even posts that highlight your passion for track and field can go a long way in painting a well-rounded picture of you as an athlete. Remember, these platforms are not just about showcasing your achievements but also about expressing your personality, drive, and dedication to the sport.

Attending and participating in athletic events can also provide opportunities for promotion. Whether it’s a local meet or a state competition, these platforms provide you the chance to perform in front of an audience, including potential scouts and coaches. Always strive to perform at your best and don’t forget to network with coaches and fellow athletes.

Keep in mind that self-promotion isn’t about bragging or overstating your abilities. It’s about strategically positioning yourself in front of the right people and making it easier for them to discover your potential.

By actively promoting yourself and your achievements, you increase your visibility and enhance your chances of landing that coveted Division 1 Track and Field scholarship.


The journey to a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship requires a steadfast dedication to your sport and academics. Consistency is key in this process – not only in your training regimen but also in your academic performance.

Strive for continuous improvement, aiming to surpass your personal bests on the track while also focusing on enhancing your academic proficiency. Your goal should be to demonstrate constant growth as a student-athlete.

In this journey, you are bound to face challenges and setbacks. It’s crucial to remember that such hurdles are part of the process. How you handle these adversities can set you apart from your competition. Show your resilience by taking disappointments in stride. Use them as opportunities to learn and develop as an athlete and as a person.

Coaches scouting for potential scholarship candidates are not just looking for exceptional athletes. They are also seeking individuals who show grit and determination. They are interested in athletes who can maintain a positive mindset, remain focused during demanding times, and rebound from disappointments with greater determination.

Remember, the process of securing a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time, commitment, and an unwavering will to succeed. While the road might be tough, maintaining a steady pace and keeping your end goal in sight can help you cross the finish line.

This journey will test your resolve, but remember why you started. Hold on to your passion for track and field, and your desire to excel acadically. Your dedication and consistency in both these areas will shine through, making you an attractive prospect for a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship.

In conclusion, stay committed to your goal, remain consistent in your endeavors, and never lose sight of your aspirations. The path to a Division 1 Track and Field scholarship may be rigorous, but your dedication and resilience can lead you to your ultimate goal. Let the journey shape you into a stronger, more accomplished student-athlete. Keep pushing, stay motivated, and remember – every step you take gets you closer to your goal